Thursday, June 17, 2010


Water, water every where in all different looks and forms!

I have been looking over my Alaska photos and there is one common thing that runs through most of the photos, I seem to be obsessed with water. Of course there is water in some form every where you turn so it is not hard to have water be your subjected.

Here are four different water photos for your viewing pleasure! The first photo is of Emerald Lake (big surprise on the name) and it is actually in the Yukon Territory in Canada. The lake was perfectly still while we were there and I loved the clouds and trees reflected in it. Some mineral(the names escapes me) causes the water to look so green.

The second photo is of ice. Breakup had not occurred in many areas so there were quiet a few lakes and streams still covered or partially covered in ice.

The third photo is just of a random body of water but I liked how it looked with the trees and clumps of grass.

The fourth? I think that it is the Susitna river. A river in Alaska that is pretty well known for the fact that all 5 species of salmon run the river. There were places the river was huge, but this is a small fork of it.

So you can see, I am fascinated with water in all its various forms.

I apologize if the formatting is off or weird..I really don't know what the heck I am doing, I just wing it you know?

What is it?

Well, since you asked, I will tell you. This is an aerial view of what is called a braided river. On our Alaska trip, we took a small plane ride. (saving those details for another post). I was intrigued by the river viewed from up high. This is a glacier fed river that is currently frozen. Glacier fed rivers not only bring down water from the glacier but rocks and sediment. When a finger of the river fills with so much sediment and rock that the water can not pass, it creates another channel for the water. So it is a random braided sequence of the water and rocks coming down the mountain and quiet beautiful in its own way. And you can not really see the beauty of it unless you see it from above.
To me some how this is what life is like. Certain parts and places of our lives get choked off with frustrations, anger, just stuff. You thing your life is going one way and it is a dead end then you have to navigate new waters. You have to find the way to push through, let go and create a new channel so that life flows again.
All the twists, turns and changes and decisions we make may not seem like much when we are in the midst of them. But from above them they are a beautiful maze, each one different from the other making us who and what we are.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...Denali aka Mount McKinley

Ok, so not so wordless after all. Denali or Mount McKinley is only visible about 20% of the time. At 20,300 feet give or take, the mountain creates its own weather so it is usually shrouded in clouds. We were lucky, we had a clear and pristine view of the mountain our entire trip....Which, by the way was a trip of a lifetime. Will share more later but for now, here is Mount Denali in all her glory and splendor.

that's all.