Monday, December 19, 2011

An Ode To Christmas Baking

Twas the week before Christmas at my house on the lane
Pretty sure Christmas baking driving me insane

Christmas tins and bags stacked neatly on the chair
Who am I kidding they are strewn every where

The time has grown short, the list very long
I  head to the kitchen put my apron on

I can do this I say, as I raise my fist
spilling the flour I was going to sift

The smoke alarm chirps as smoke fills the air
 I burned the toffee, guess that I won't share

chocolate bark,  &  peanut butter balls.
Is that Dutch processed cocoa tracked down the hall?

Superfine sugar, butter by the pound
Shortbread is done a beautiful light brown.

My eyes grow tired,there is frosting in my hair
my treats are all baked not a moment to spare

Then it is time to get goodies delivered
and for myself I don't save even a sliver

Whoo hoo I am finished I say with a shout
Merry Christmas to all and to all Peace out!

** this May or May Not have been inspired by actual events...I will never tell :)