Friday, February 3, 2012

Starting over

Long time..No post .
As of January 13th (luck date right?) I was laid off my job of almost 14 years. The business had sustained so many losses in my department, not of my doing, that it could not longer afford to pay me. pretty big blow for me.  Trying now to find my new normal, draw unemployment and hopefully find another job.
The hardest part for me is the betrayal by people I trusted and was very loyal to. . I asked 60 days ago if I needed to look for work. Was told no. It was obvious things were not going super well and there would be changes. I was also assured for years, if my department closed, I would have a place in another department. That did not happen. They cut me lose with one week notice.
I know if will find work again, hopefully sooner rather than later but it still stings...probably will for awhile.

I hope all is well in the world of my bloggy friends. I think of all you all often, hoping and praying that this year is starting kinder to you than it has me so far :)

♥ Suz