Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Go with it.. and relax...

I know I am going to get stressed. I know I want everything to be just perfect. I know I do not like to go with the flow, it has to be the way I planned it or else it won't be right. I know someone will piss me off and I do not hide my feelings well, they are written all over my face. I know someone will be late, it is always the same person. I know someone will forget to bring what they were supposed to bring and I will be irritated.I IT has to be perfect, go off without a hitch because I planned it that way.

So...after my little confession, I am praying for balance. Really, is anything ever exactly perfect? No, so I will balance my desire for perfect with grace and understanding for the late one, the forgetful one, the irritating one, the loud one and the annoying one. I will make a choice right now to let the day flow how ever it flows. To realize I am blessed beyond measure with family, a home, a job, my heath, so many others are not as fortunate. To not worry about the time the meal actually makes it to the table. To concentrate more on the people in the room than what the room actually looks like. To slow down and realize these beautiful beings in my life have far more value than anything that can go wrong or right in the day tomorrow. I will make an effort to let each one know they matter to me and make my life a better one.

And that, is what will make my day a successful one. And thinking about them, has already made my day better today.

Happy Thanksgiving and may you all be blessed with a wonderful peaceful happy day.

That's all..♥

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving memories

I have been preparing myself for Thanksgiving next week. I am hosting my family this year. There will be about 16 of us, smaller than usual, but we will have fun. I always miss the big huge family gatherings and get nostalgic for those days.
My favorite Thanksgiving of all was when I around, oh 7 or 8 years old There are 5 kids in my family and my mom's sister family there was 4. The sister's always did there best to be together for the holidays. This particular year my mom was hosting. The big dilemma was seating. How were we going to fit the entire group of us not including the grand parents from all sides and the other aunts and cousins due to show up. The question was answered with a ping pong table! My mom took the net off the ping pong table, did her best with some sort of table cloth, set the chairs around it,and we had our Thanksgiving meal in the garage gathered around a ping pong table. It was a joyous day and a great family time one I will never forget. My brother and I were just excited to be at the big table instead of the kids table that we were usually relinquished to.
As I look back at that memory and all the faces that surrounded the table that day, my heart longs to see some of those faces again. Many have long since left this earth and are in heaven. Part of me wishes to see those faces again, this year, this time surrounding my table. With the echos of their laughter, their smiles and their love. That is not to be, but I will carry this cherished memory and when we gather again next week, each one will not be far from my thoughts and I will send up a prayer of thanks for each one and what they meant in my life.

That's all

What are your cherished Thanksgiving memories?

Monday, November 16, 2009


Don't you wish there was a rewind button on bad days? If there was, I would rewind and start yesterday all over. I can be a very short sighted and well to be honest a selfish person. I did not want to be at the family function yesterday. I did not want to change the normal scheduled time to accommodate my sister in laws stupid function. I did not want to play any games or chit chat. And that was abundantly clear to my hosts, my bro and his wife. So I should not have been surprised by the angry call from my brother hours later about what the heck is your problem? He was angry and hurt by my attitude and lack of respect I demonstrated..Ick.

see, I was so concerned about myself I failed to recognize their hard work and efforts. Having 20 people in your home when your kids are sick. Hosting the 3rd birthday party in 2 weeks. Just trying to have a fun day of games and family fellowship. Creating a positive family day as we celebrated their daughters first birthday.
Selfishness is an ugly thing it can blind you to what is really important. I don't know how many more times we will all be able to be together. We are fortunate to be close in distance to each other and I know it is not that way in all families. I genuinely love my family and our celebrations. I guess I just had a bad case of being self absorbed. While apologies have been made, and accepted I still wish there was a rewind button on the day...I know I would have done it different.

That's all.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Your a Mean one Mr. Schwarzenegger

Ok, my first rant. When the state of California finally passed the budget this year, they added a provision that I think most of the population did not know about. Starting November 2nd until the end of year, and additional 10% is being with held from paychecks as a no interest loan to the state. It is not a "tax increase" just a loan. And when you file for your state returns next year, you get it back. So, the two toughest months in the year to make ends meet,with the holidays and all I get to give the state an extra $320.00 net. So makes my Christmas shopping budget harder, food budget for the holidays tighter..yeah thanks Grinch..I mean Gov. Then, when I file my tax return in April, I will probably wait until July or August to even see my refund, if there is even any money left.
This state is in such disrepair as it is I say starting right at the top, fire em all, let us start over and get people who do not have an agenda, care about the state and it's people.
But for now I say Your a mean one, Mr Grinch!er...Mr. Governor.

That's all...

Thursday, November 12, 2009


This is my first foray into the world of blogging. I have followed a few blogs one I really liked that blew up into smithereens for various reasons. Found a few after the fall out that I liked. Prompted me to start my own. So here I am. And any drama here? will be my