Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving memories

I have been preparing myself for Thanksgiving next week. I am hosting my family this year. There will be about 16 of us, smaller than usual, but we will have fun. I always miss the big huge family gatherings and get nostalgic for those days.
My favorite Thanksgiving of all was when I around, oh 7 or 8 years old There are 5 kids in my family and my mom's sister family there was 4. The sister's always did there best to be together for the holidays. This particular year my mom was hosting. The big dilemma was seating. How were we going to fit the entire group of us not including the grand parents from all sides and the other aunts and cousins due to show up. The question was answered with a ping pong table! My mom took the net off the ping pong table, did her best with some sort of table cloth, set the chairs around it,and we had our Thanksgiving meal in the garage gathered around a ping pong table. It was a joyous day and a great family time one I will never forget. My brother and I were just excited to be at the big table instead of the kids table that we were usually relinquished to.
As I look back at that memory and all the faces that surrounded the table that day, my heart longs to see some of those faces again. Many have long since left this earth and are in heaven. Part of me wishes to see those faces again, this year, this time surrounding my table. With the echos of their laughter, their smiles and their love. That is not to be, but I will carry this cherished memory and when we gather again next week, each one will not be far from my thoughts and I will send up a prayer of thanks for each one and what they meant in my life.

That's all

What are your cherished Thanksgiving memories?


  1. The holidays are always my favorite time of year. We spend Thanksgiving at my sister's and Christmas with my daughter. Everyone get's together. And the I have the inlaws too. It will be our first year without my sweetheart MIL, so that will be strange.
    I'm like you..loving the holidays yet when it is over and I reflect, I remember the holidays past and those that aren't here to spend it with us anymore. Kind of bittersweet and nostalgic. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving!

  2. What a beautiful memory!

    I don't really have a Thanksgiving memory that stands out. In my family, Thanksgiving is really just the kickoff for the Christmas season. I have been cooking big meals the last few years though, so maybe one day my girls will have a special Thanksgiving memory of their own!

  3. That really made me well up - what a beautiful post. This is my first year without my grandmother. My favorite Thanksgiving was last year. My entire extended family was together at my grandmother's and it was so beautiful. It was the last family gathering before she passed. It was definitely divine intervention that we could all be there together.

  4. the blog and I am now following you..

    I love the holidays so is everything to me...sounds like you feel the same!


  5. What a lovely post. I too remember the holidays of long ago and the people who sat at those tables. Each year was a little different and, as I recall, so special in its own way. My mother was a wonderful holiday cook, far better than me, and this year I plan to use some of her dishes and although I am sure I will not fill them with quite the excellence that she did having her thing near will make it seem special.

    You brand new blog looks great!

  6. Hey All!
    wow, thanks for all the comments! I am way new at this and have not made it around to everyone's blogs yet but I will!
    It is cool to see new memories being made by Jeanette with her littles, those of us missing loved ones gone home, and keeping family tradition alive with using family dishes and recipes.

  7. Too Funny! My Gram used a ping-pong table for a few years also...I always thought that was strange/funny...glad to see your family cared more about being together than decor just like my family...cute!

  8. Suz what a beutiful post, I wish I had a memory that was as clear as yours. As a child my brother and I dealt with fighting parents going through a bitter divorce, so most of my memories are those of fighting and harsh words, which is why I am so determined to give my boys great memories. Someday I hope they will be able to share our memories with friends like you have done.

  9. Blogger ate my post :( but I wanted to tell you what a beautiful post this is...