Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Go with it.. and relax...

I know I am going to get stressed. I know I want everything to be just perfect. I know I do not like to go with the flow, it has to be the way I planned it or else it won't be right. I know someone will piss me off and I do not hide my feelings well, they are written all over my face. I know someone will be late, it is always the same person. I know someone will forget to bring what they were supposed to bring and I will be irritated.I IT has to be perfect, go off without a hitch because I planned it that way.

So...after my little confession, I am praying for balance. Really, is anything ever exactly perfect? No, so I will balance my desire for perfect with grace and understanding for the late one, the forgetful one, the irritating one, the loud one and the annoying one. I will make a choice right now to let the day flow how ever it flows. To realize I am blessed beyond measure with family, a home, a job, my heath, so many others are not as fortunate. To not worry about the time the meal actually makes it to the table. To concentrate more on the people in the room than what the room actually looks like. To slow down and realize these beautiful beings in my life have far more value than anything that can go wrong or right in the day tomorrow. I will make an effort to let each one know they matter to me and make my life a better one.

And that, is what will make my day a successful one. And thinking about them, has already made my day better today.

Happy Thanksgiving and may you all be blessed with a wonderful peaceful happy day.

That's all..♥


  1. Hope you have a great day tomorrow. You will make it successful. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Your message is very good reminder. Thanks for posting it...I appreciate all the reminders.