Friday, November 13, 2009

Your a Mean one Mr. Schwarzenegger

Ok, my first rant. When the state of California finally passed the budget this year, they added a provision that I think most of the population did not know about. Starting November 2nd until the end of year, and additional 10% is being with held from paychecks as a no interest loan to the state. It is not a "tax increase" just a loan. And when you file for your state returns next year, you get it back. So, the two toughest months in the year to make ends meet,with the holidays and all I get to give the state an extra $320.00 net. So makes my Christmas shopping budget harder, food budget for the holidays tighter..yeah thanks Grinch..I mean Gov. Then, when I file my tax return in April, I will probably wait until July or August to even see my refund, if there is even any money left.
This state is in such disrepair as it is I say starting right at the top, fire em all, let us start over and get people who do not have an agenda, care about the state and it's people.
But for now I say Your a mean one, Mr Grinch!er...Mr. Governor.

That's all...

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  1. I hear ya! My mom was the one who told me about this. I don't think this made headline news here in CA. This was a sneaky one!