Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Beach

Here are a few photos of my beach excursion this weekend. The first one is from our hotel room looking out on the wharf towards Monterey. This particular hotel has been here for ages and is the only one actually right on the beach. We slept with sliding door open so we could hear the ocean, it was awesome.

The second and third are night shots and day shots of the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. It was pretty packed with people during our visit but it was not "Disneyland" packed where you could not move at all. I think this place is not as popular because it does have less to do there and is smaller. But I don't care, this town, this place is going home for me so it was definitely a walk down memory lane for me.

I did not do as well in the race we ran as I had hoped. There were 15,000 participants! It is customary for walkers or slower runner to be in the back. This was not the case and it was basically a free for all. It is really hard to pass people sometimes and I wore myself out just trying to get free of all the people and get a pace and rhythm. The cool thing though there we about 40 different bands playing all different kinds of music on the course. Punk rock, bagpipers, reggae, beach boy music, you name it someone probably was playing it.

Overall the weekend was a blast. It was fun to go to my home town again. I am doing my best not to let my disappointment in my race finish color the entire weekend. Looking at these pictures, makes me want to go back...soon.


  1. Good for you Suz!! I'm glad you had a good time despite your frustration at the race :)

  2. The pictures are soooo serene, Suz, and I love the sound of the ocean:-)