Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Alaska!

it has been a little over three months since our trip to Alaska. I still can not get over how incredibly blessed we were to take this trip. I look at my photos and remember what we did and I smile.

These photos are from the really fun and most memorable event on our trip. We took an airplane ride to the Ruth Glacier and the base of Denali. The plane pictured above, is a 1964 deHavilland Beaver. Which is a fairly rare float type plane used for glacier landing and getting hunters and fishermen to out of the way places. It was a 90 minute plane ride from Talkeetna to the glacier. The ride was a bit like a rollercoaster and the flight deck was 8 thousand and we climbed to 13,000 feet to escape the turbulence.
The views were spectacular from the plane! These two are just a couple from the air, but I will post more. It was the most incredible thing I have done or seen. The views made my heart ache from the sheer beauty of what I was seeing. The one photo is of Denali, the other was a another peak whose name I can not remember. The plane photo is on the glacier itself and the shadow is our plane descending to land on the glacier.

Truly, an experience of a life time.


  1. Suz, what a beautiful trip that must have been. Alaska is on my bucket list. I would love to see all that beauty with my own eyes.

  2. Keli,
    Definitely was on our bucket list. Now I can't wait to go back! Maybe in a year or two.

  3. So beautiful! Have you thought about making yourself a coffee table book with your pics? Alaska is on my bucket list too!

  4. Margaret, I should do that..except I would not begin to know how. I guess I could go to like a photo shop or something to do it. I highly recommend Alaska!!
    Coffee table book...yeah, I got to figure that out.
    Margaret, I miss ya! Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Beautiful pic's Suz! I love the plane shadow...I agree, you can have an inexpensive coffee table book made and show off your work to your guests!