Monday, November 14, 2011


So much for being back here blogging on a regular basis.. Oh well that is how it goes I guess.
Thanksgiving is just around the corner. YIKES! I am so not ready for the holidays and am completely annoyed by all the Christmas ads in the newspaper and on television. Come on!! It is way too early for that junk!  I digress....Thanksgiving will not be at my house this year (hooray!) One of the sister in laws is hosting. Should be interesting. They don't host often and she has never made a turkey. While they have a pretty big house, not sure where all 25 plus of us are going to sit. I guess if the days is nice, outside!

Work continues to be busy. We lost out on a huge project and I must say I am very disappointed about it. The collective "we" meaning me, have put over two years into prep and the bidding process. Countless hours on the computer and leg work. All for not. I am trying not to be upset about what I cannot control, I just take my work and what I put into it seriously. Maybe too much so. There are somethings that are simply out of our control.  

That is it in a nut shell for whomever is out in bloggy land. Hope this finds you well, in good spirits and enjoying life.

♥ Suz


  1. I have tried to get back into blogging, but life keeps getting in the way. It is nice to see an update on your blog. Sorry about the work situation, it is the pits to put in all that work and not win the bid. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to having the day off from working in my little store.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Suz! I'm sorry about the contract as well, but I'm sure glad to see you :) Take care of yourself!