Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday..with the words

Ok, I have not done a wordless Wednesday before, not sure I will do one again, who knows. But we had this conversation at Fellowship awhile ago and I got online and bought some Chicago style pizzas! The UPS dude thought I was kind of weird having pizza delivered but so what, I am weird so there you go!
If I can not go to Chicago, it is going to have to come to I have found this to be pretty good but probably not as good as at the pizza place or delivered. is not for dinner Lou Malnati's is! lol

That's all


  1. OMGee Suz!! I wasn't following you! Yikes! Enjoy your pizza =0) I remember you talking about it on the blog!

  2. That pizza is so awesome. I miss working in the City. That was our lunch time favorite.

  3. OMG.... gimmie, gimmie gimmie.

    I get their catalog but have yet to order. You must tell me if it is as good as I remember.


  4. Funny! Enjoy your pizza- it sounds delicious to me.

  5. Yooo Hoooo! I don't want to be stalkerish or anything, but I just wanted to check in on you. Hope all is well and that you are happily busy :)