Friday, January 29, 2010


I just read that Scott Roeder was found guilty of first degree murder in the killing of abortion doctor George Tiller. I also read in News Week there are some in the pro life community that hail Scott Roeder as an American Hero. Really? I Don't think so.

This is what I wonder, how can you justify a life for a life? He took a life in order to save a life, how is that morally ok? Who is gets to decide one life is worth more than another? He thinks Tiller is a murderer, what does that make him? Explain that to his wife and children that his life is worth less? And the woman who Dr. Tiller would be treating, will just have to travel farther, pay more but in the end, the will have their abortion so did Mr. Roeder really do anything other than kill a man in the name of murder.

Incidentally, I am pro life. As an adopted child from the late 60's I am thankful my birth mom chose to give me life and let me go. I do not judge nor have I ever been in a position where I had a decision to make about the fate of an unborn child. It has to be an excruciating choice.

Please, don't hate. This is just my little corner to say my thing. And I think there is a place to agree to disagree. But make no mistake, Scott Roeder is NO American hero, he is a murderer.

That's all


  1. My hubby and I watched video of his testimony on last night. I was chilled by it, actually. He almost seemed sociopathic because he had no regret whatsoever and was so clinical when talking about the shooting. How can you not regret taking a life? It really disturbed me.

  2. I agree with you Suz, I'm not sure how these people justify killing doctors and I certainly don't think he's a hero.

    I never really thought about abortion until a few years ago. My GYN made a mistake and told me I was pregnant when I really wasn't. I have a bad heart and the chances of me surviving another pregnancy are slim. So, I along with my husband, our parents and my doctors decided to terminate. It was agony. In my case the bone-head GYN figured out his mistake before I showed up for a termination but I had a taste of what it must be like.

    I hope that women will always have a choice and there are physicians courageous enough to help them.

  3. Margaret,
    Oh my gosh! That must have been traumatic for you! Like I said I have not been in that position but refuse to judge what another feels they have to do. I can barely manage my life some days, how could I possibly manage anyone else's you know?
    Hugs to you ♥

  4. I personally think Scott Roeder is a murderer, regardless of what his reasoning might have been. I do not think I would have ever had an abortion, but since I was never put in that circumstance, I am not sure what choice I might have felt compelled to make. I think each person has to make their own decision, and then they have to live with that decision. When people become fanatics about anything, I think they lose perspective. I am thankful he was found guilty of first degree murder. My heart goes out to Dr. Tiller's family.