Monday, January 4, 2010


My youngest fur kid is 5 today. Sparky, he is the salt and pepper one on the left. I thought he would not make it past one! He chewed and chewed and destroyed to the point I could have killed him! I would say he is in to me 10,000 dollars in damage between the carpet, the chairs and the furniture! Boy that was a hard first year! He has turned out to be such a good boy.
He is definitely the breed standard. Playful, smart, loud and has his own yodel language to greet me when I come home. He is always happy see me. He knows the names of his toys and goes and gets them if you call them by name. His favorite is Bob, a wiener dog toy that squeaks. He loves to be in my lap at all times. He is mama's boy for sure!
I know pets are not people, but this little pet has been a joy and a fun part of my life. So happy birthday little buddy, there will be presents and ice tonight after diner! lol...

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