Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stepping out

It could be fair to say I am not a great friend. I have a hard time maintaining relationships with women. Partly because I don't have kids, I lack that one big relational thing that 99% of women do. Now don't get me wrong, I love my friends kids. I ask about them, we talk about them I am invested in many of their lives. Yet that particular connection of pregnancy, child rearing etc. is not there. Most of the time women wear me out. Or should I say women who use me as a dumping ground for their stuff wear me out. I can no longer do it and I avoid those friends who are dumpers. A vent now and again, hey I do that too but dumpers... no thanks! And a big group of women gives me the hebejebes. All chatty and..whatever. I feel like I just don't fit, so I don't. I have even gone to church retreats and thought, what am I doing here with all these ladies..hmm.

So Imagine my surprise when I felt led to host a bridal shower for my dearest friends daughter! It will be most likely a large affair, and hopefully I can pull it off. I can organize pretty well, my friend and the bride will have a tremendous amount of input. But I can't believe I did it, this is WAY outside my comfort zone and I will have all these ladies to deal with...Yikes. Just not my cup of tea. But for my friend it will be worth it. She has been the best, easiest, least work of any friendship I have had in all my years. She is loyal and true and so is her daughter. So I am going to suck it up for two of the most awesome ladies I have ever met. I am sure I will learn something about myself it the process. And maybe I will find some new way to relate to and enjoy the company of women.

Wish me luck..

That's all.


  1. Good for you, sometimes doing something outside of our comfort zone opens up new adventures in life. Although I have children, mine are all grown and on their own, so I find that I do not have much in common with most women either.

    Have fun with the planning and execution of this party.

  2. Sweety I don't think you need luck, you sound like you made the most excellent decision! Congrats to you, and most important, don't forget to have fun planning this event.

  3. You can do it!! It's going to be great - and like you said, you will most definitely learn something new about yourself. Nothing happens accidentally, so something awesome will come out of this for you if you are looking for it.

    As for the mechanics of entertaining large groups of women - I don't do stuff like that either, so I don't have any pearls of wisdom :) Maybe have a flask of Don Julio in your pocket . . .

  4. Thanks for the votes of confidence you guys! I appreciate it! A flask of Don Julio, Lindsay you make me laugh!
    I will strive to make it fun, that is important :-)

  5. Suz, you have such natural warmth and charm that you can easily fit in with any group whether they are comprised of mothers with lots of children, chippy career gals or hockey players. It is the wonderful differences that make the world interesting.