Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sweet Lemonade Award

Ok, So Sandy at Say What and Tracy at COFB both nice enough to pass along my first award to me..Does it count as two? lol. Thanks ladies, very sweet of you♥

1. I remember birth dates, anniversaries, kids birthdays of nearly everyone I know even kids from elementary school.

2. The best job I have ever had was teaching swimming lessons when I was a teenager. Only had 1 kid out of easily 100's of kids I taught that I could never get to pick it up.

3. I drive a forklift at work very regularly and stun most of the male truck drivers. Chauvinists!

4. Part of me wishes we had never returned to California from Oregon. I miss the river fishing and hunting with my husband.

5. I am still learning that I need to think before I speak. And sometimes, to not say anything at all is really is the best answer.

5.1 It took me 30 minutes to figure out how the bloody hell add the photo at the top of the post. Yeah I am a little slow at this blog stuff.

5.2 Because no one IRL knows that I have a blog, I think everyone I know at fellowship has been tagged for this, but here is two that I did not see. So with that, I pass this award on to these two lovelies!

Shana at Serendipity

Jeannette at And on today

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  1. Well, I have a fondness for Oregon, too :) And I've always wanted to drive a forklift!