Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Mountains

This was my view on the drive home from work yesterday. Not my exact view as I did not take this photo, but you get the general idea. Most days, the Sierra's are clouded over and you can't see them, forget they are there. In the summer when it is smoggy and hot, you never see them. But when it is a clear day they are so beautiful and majestic. Spring days are the best, the air is clear and they stand so tall and unimaginably beautiful and they beckon me.

I am a mountain girl. not necessarily a snow person but I love the mountains. The serenity and quiet in the hills just brings me peace and making me happy. I miss living in the mountains among all the wild things. I hate having neighbors so close you can practically hear everything that goes on in their homes and yards.

The central Sierra's are about a 45 minute drive from my home and I don't go up nearly enough. I have not been to Yosemite in many many years. Time to change that and get back to places that I love. All the little back roads, creeks and hidden places I have not seen in a long time. While I can not live up in the mountains right now, a visit is definitely in order.

that's all


  1. That's gorgeous! I went to Yosemite about 9 years ago on a motorhome trip. It was so beautiful, but I was scared to death of the bears! I was sure one would rip open the motorhome like a tin can after I saw the warnings and the pictures of what a bear did to a minivan!!

  2. That was the hardest part of leaving Colorado when I was transferred to another state. I used to see the Rockies from my front window and on the drive to work. I really missed being able to get to the mountains in 30 minutes or less. I love hiking and just wandering around all the little mining towns.
    I hate living in 'flat land' country.

  3. That view is breathtaking!